Homecoming Dance


David and Austin were both able to make it to the homecoming dance this weekend. Richard and I went to their dad’s house before the dance to take some pictures. A couple are posted on Facebook, but I’ll try to get the others downloaded and post some here as well. He had quite a crowd accompanying him to the dance. David said he had a great time, and we were able to rest easy knowing Mrs. Woodside was there keeping an eye on him for us.

David does take his chemo on the weekends, so that continued. He is taking Temodar, which is just a pill, so it doesn’t affect his routine too much. He can’t have it with food, so he does have to plan on not eating for a total of 4 hours (two before, two after), but so far he’s doing pretty well with that.

Tomorrow is our day to drive him to radiation, so I’m looking forward to seeing him – even if it is at 7 am! Neither he, Richard or I are “morning” people, but we cherish the time we get to spend with him. He mostly likes to watch a movie in the car, so I’ve been looking for stuff that will make him laugh. If you have any suggestions, please send them my way. We have quite a few drives ahead of us!

One thought on “Homecoming Dance

  1. It sounds like you are settling into a new “normal”. We are glad David is doing well with the Chemotherapy and Radiation thus far. We’ll try and think of movies that might be entertaining on the road. I ask Nate and Trent for suggestions and you will be shocked at what they suggested.. Star Wars! What, you are not shocked? Okay, neither were we!


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