First day of “clinic”


Well, today was David’s first day of clinic. We headed down to Richmond in the rain, and made it to his radiation appointment a few minutes behind schedule. We checked in and waited patiently… apparently too patiently! The lady didn’t mark us as checked in, and they completely ignored the fact that we were sitting in the waiting room. After about half an hour, I asked when they might be able to work him in. They took him straight back once they realized he was there!

After radiation, we went to see Dr. Khan in clinic. We waited about an hour in the waiting area, and then a little longer in the patient exam room. David checked out ok, though. Everything was as they were expecting it to be. After the exam, he had blood drawn so they can make sure his platelets and other levels are ok. We probably won’t hear anything about that blood test unless there is something wrong with it.

It took so long at the doctor today that David didn’t make it to school. We did grab lunch before the rainy drive back to  Fredericksburg. David had tutoring with Mrs. Woodside this afternoon, and I took Cooper with me to go pick him up from his Dad’s house (where the tutoring takes place). Austin got to show Kelly what Cooper looks like when he is NOT wearing a cone. I think everyone agreed he is a much more handsome pup without the cone. David and I had dinner with the Bowles before before it was time to head  to church for youth group. He’s really enjoying the Bible study and fellowship time. I’m glad that he’s found a group that he is comfortable with.

On a funny note for today, he talked to our next door neighbors, and he and Nate had a lengthy chat about dissecting owl poop in science class. It’s funny what boys can talk about, and it got quite descriptive. Nate had just completed this lab today and so he had a list of things he found in the pellet he worked on. David wasn’t as lucky back when he did his lab and found nothing interesting in his pellet. LOL! Who knew finding stuff in poop could be so interesting!

On a sweet note for today, David’s nurse came out and said, “he’s so nice, I hope you have 10 more just like him at home.” I told her we don’t so they need to take really good care of this one!

He’s always been a sweet boy, but seeing him go through this with such a caring spirit for others is a real blessing. I’m so proud of him.

Lastly, I have a mailing address for anyone that wants to send messages to David. We are compiling a scrapbook for him of the cards and letters he receives, and it is really cool to see how far away folks are who are praying for him. The address is:

David Pearson

754 Warrenton Road, Suite 113

PMB 137

Fredericksburg, VA 22406

We appreciate everyone’s continued prayers.

One thought on “First day of “clinic”

    AUNT CAROLYN SAYS ……………H E L L O !!!!!


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