Mark drove David to his appointment on Friday, and they made it back to Fredericksburg in record time. David went to his newly appointed 2nd period class. It’s been a bit of a challenge to figure out what classes will work with our crazy schedule right now, and ultimately, David went from Latin IV to a “digital input” class to Journalism. We’re all happy about that because Austin is in her 2nd year of Journalism, and the teacher, Mrs. Gill, is awesome.

I picked the kids up after school along with Jimmy. (For those of you new to the blog, I am staying with Jimmy’s family while we are in Virginia. Jimmy and Austin are the same age.) They were hungry, as teenagers usually are, so we went to Wawa (the local 7-Eleven) and got drinks and sandwiches. They have a pretty decent deli in Wawa… not just those pre-made sandwiches.

After that, we were off to Jimmy’s for another “epic Friday night”. There’s always a crowd, and this was no exception, but the crowd was much older than normal. Seems that word had spread that David would be here, and a number of folks in the Bowles family who are praying for him wanted to say hi.

Jimmy’s grandparents and great-grandfather stopped by along with his Aunt Heather with her family – including her in-laws from Florida. The Moore family also came over, and I think there were about 5 teenagers who weren’t part of one of those family groups. It was a lot of fun. Mark picked David and Austin up around 9:30 pm so David could be ready for his tutoring session on Saturday morning. Austin has also just started taking tennis lessons on Saturday morning, so they are keeping busy.

After the kids left, I had a very uplifting conversation with the moms that were left. They were so encouraging and let me know that they have lots of people praying for David. They shared stories of hope and faith that let me know we will get through this.

When everyone went home, I watched a movie called “Facing the Giants”. It’s a football movie produced by a group of folks in Georgia. It was loaned to me by one of my new Virginia neighbors, Carole. The movie is a message of hope and overcoming overwhelming obstacles. I really recommend it to anyone who wants to see what God’s power can do. With God, all things are possible. He can do great things if we just let Him. We do our best and give the rest to God. That’s a message I’m living with daily. We praise Him with the good and the bad. He knows the outcome. He knows what’s best. We just have to trust Him to lead us through.

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