Catching Up


I’m a little behind on my posts, so I’ll try to fill in the gaps. David had tutoring on Saturday morning at his dad’s house and then he went to lunch with his friend, Megan, and her mom. He got back around the time Austin finished with her tennis lesson, and I picked them up for the afternoon/evening.

We didn’t have a firm plan, so we started out with the cafe at the Joseph Beth bookstore. Turns out they have a nice menu with some great fresh soups that we had to sample. As we were eating, Austin was texting with friends that we have recently reconnected with. As it turns out, they were only a few miles away, so they decided to meet up with us and go to a movie. The friends were mom, Nichole, and two kids, Timothy and Tori. David, Austin, Tim, and Tori were all in the same Navy daycare home together when David was about 3 or 4 years old. We haven’t seen them in years, but we had fun swapping stories about them as little kids.

We watched “You Again” which had us all laughing. I wasn’t sure that the boys would want to see that one, but there were pretty girls and Betty White, so they decided it was ok, as chick flicks went.

I took David and Austin back to their dad’s in time for them to have a bonfire with their step-sister, Kelly, and her friends. On Sunday, they had another bonfire with Tonka, their step-grandfather, and some other family. They had a good time, and of course, David loves anything involving fire.

We’ve switched up our schedule a bit for this week so I could go to a conference in Atlanta with Richard. I’ve been working from Virginia and haven’t left the state since David went into the hospital, so I guess it is good for me to re-enter the working world for a little while.

This conference is full of great people who we’ve known for at least a few years (some longer) so it has been nice to be surrounded by people who care about what’s going on. It’s hard to be away from David & Austin right now, but ultimately, they are doing just fine so now is probably a good time to be away.

Richard and I will be back in Virginia on Wednesday, so we’ll be back in that routine for the end of the week.

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