I heard a cool thing Tuesday that I forgot to share. One of our presenters, Ginno Kelley, said that he learned about hugs from one of his former students. There are only two things that you need to about hugs. 1. Always squeeze, don’t pat. Squeezing means more. 2. Don’t ever be the first person to let go. Having experienced my fair share of hugs lately, this really hit home with me. Pretty good advice, I’d say.

I also forgot to mention that David is embarking on a new dietary plan to try to help keep him healthy in his battle with cancer. Basically, he’ll be laying off of the fast food/pizza diet that most teenagers are on, and trying to eat more vegetables and organic food. He was only momentarily hesitant about the changes, and has now changed to seeing it as more of a challenge. He’s trying new foods and expanding his palette – a good thing for a chef! He’s already  discovered that he likes hummus and organic milk. We’re also going to explore some more ethnic options for variety.

If you have any healthy recipes to share that involve cabbage or curry, please let me know! Those are two real “cancer fighters” that we don’t regularly consume.

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