The kids had a great Halloween weekend. He spent Friday night at the Bowles’ house, which is normal for Friday, but we had a much larger crowd than normal because it was Jennifer’s 40th birthday. Most of the teenagers left for the Stafford High School home football game, but David and Austin stayed behind. I know that wasn’t easy for them, but the weather has turned colder, and I just didn’t feel comfortable with David being out in the night air. It did give us a chance to play Monopoly, which is one of David’s favorite games. Richard and I took them back to Mark’s house around 9:30 pm because David still has tutoring on Saturday mornings.

They had a party with a few of their friends on Saturday evening. Then on Sunday, they hung out with Amanda & Allison Kann then took their little neighbor trick-or-treating.

Today it was back to radiation and school. Mark drove David to his appointment today, and there was an equipment problem that led to about an hour delay.  During the day, David noticed that he was starting to lose some hair from the radiation, so after school, we met up with Mark and David to get his head shaved again. It was David’s idea – he said it was bugging him to have it come out a little at a time. It had only grown out to about 1/2 inch, so it wasn’t a huge difference, but from some hair to no hair makes a big difference in temperature.

He has a decent collection of baseball caps, which is odd to me because he never really wore caps before. With the cold weather, I’ve been keeping my eyes open for warmer hats, too.

We appreciate the continued prayers for David. I think he took the hair loss in stride today, but it was a very real reminder that he has a serious condition. We know that David is in God’s hands, and  “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.” (Luke 18:27)

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