Christian Schmidt


There is a young man from my hometown named Christian Schmidt. He fought a battle with cancer, and unfortunately, he lost that battle earlier this week. It saddens me that the world lost such a special young man, but I know he is in a better place and that he was ready to go there. In his honor, and in an attempt to help people understand how you can see anything as a blessing, I am sharing this note from Christian’s Facebook page. Christian was very public about his faith, and wrote these notes as a testament to that faith. I’m sure he would be happy to have it shared far and wide, so please feel free to share this story:

Hope isn’t around the corner…. It’s staring you in the face

by Christian Schmidt on Tuesday, November 25, 2008 at 5:11pm
“Pain. Inexplicable, unrelenting, excruciating pain. It consumes every fabric of your being from the very depths of your soul to the tips of your long fingertips. Blinding you with a chaos of darkness surely to overcome you and blot out in any shred of light that remains. You try to remember when it wasn’t there, you can’t. You try to look forward to when it will be gone, you don’t know if you will make it to then. 

Today when I went to get my second round of chemo there were some complications. I won’t go into to details for several reasons, but let’s just say it hurt. Hurt would actually be an understatement, I’m kind of sad to admit but I started to cry because it hurt so much. While it was happening I was trying to put my mind elsewhere and keep it up off of the pain. Most of the time I couldn’t, the pain would draw me in like a prison with no release. But at other times I would start to sing a song God gave me, and it always pulled me through for just a little while, to sustain me, to hold on when there was no railing to hold on to. It lasted for about 1 to 2 hours, the pain level varying, until we had the fixed the problem and almost immediately i felt 100 times better. Then about a minute later all the pain was gone. I had started to sweat and breathe hard and I felt amazing. No amazing is not a strong enough word i felt fantabulous. When in all reality I just felt normal, and if nothing went wrong I wouldn’t even notice it. But after going through the pain, the normal was incredibly. The dull, everyday feelings made we want to jump an down with excitement and praise God. And in comparison I felt bad for only 1 to 2 hours but felt great from then. So you see that because I suffered for a short amount of time I ended up loving the rest of the time and being thankful. So when the pain does come, don’t be afraid and don’t back down, for the rewards are fascinating. Be thankful for everything, we overlook how much we really have to appreciate.

Hope. Unbreakable, undeniable, unstoppable hope. It surrounds us in its loving arms and never lets go. The brightest of the stars cannot contain the amount of light hope disperses.
A single flicker of a candle can dispel an entire cave of darkness. Hope beat Pain yesterday, Hope beats Pain today, and Hope will always beat pain. Hold on to hope.”

As you pray tonight, please remember the family and friends of Christian Schmidt, and all cancer patients and their families. It’s by God’s grace alone that any of us get through these situations.

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