Extra Attention


The local news did a story on David, and between that and the link on Caring Bridge, he’s been getting quite a bit of extra attention. He appreciates everyone’s thoughts, but I’m not sure he quite knows what to do about being in the spotlight. In typical David fashion, he’s done a good job of shifting the attention away from himself. I was impressed with how well he handled himself in front of the camera. He’s always had a good “stage presence” and I’m sure that will serve him well later in life.

David went to youth group tonight with some of his buddies. He really really enjoys the time with just his teen peers without the pressures of school. I’m so glad that he has that outlet. They are reading a book called “Crazy Love” and it seems to have some really relevant messages for all of them, but especially David.

He’s looking forward to a day off from school tomorrow. His dad has an outing planned for their family after we get back from David’s radiation appointment.

It’s been a fairly “normal” few days, but then again, “normal” has a whole new meaning for us these days.

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