Today’s radiation appointment took much longer than normal. Still nothing to complain about, but we were in the waiting room for almost an hour. Part of that was because we were 25 minutes early (yes, Mom, I was EARLY). The waiting room was really crowded and we were the only ones not participating in a rather lively discussion about cancer, its treatment, and side effects. David and I were the youngest two people in the room most of the time, with the average age being closer to 55, I’d say. It was enlightening, to say the least, and I’m not sure what David’s opinion was, but it made me pretty thankful that he has handled his treatment so well so far.

We had hoped to get out of his appointment early enough to go by Gayle Middle School, but that didn’t happen. As it was, we were lucky to get him to his 3rd block class in time. He stayed after school and did his tutoring there today (as opposed to doing it at Mark’s house), and Mark picked him up after school. I picked Austin up after school and took her to the eye doctor. It’s always fun to have a few minutes alone with Austin – even if it’s just for a doctor’s appointment. She really has a great sense of humor.

I dropped her off at Mark’s and talked to Susan about the plans for the rest of the week. With teenagers, there’s always a lot of coming and going, but ours has taken on a different slant. I miss soccer practice (and all that it stands for) more than I can say! Austin is taking tennis lessons right now, and loving it, so at least we have that much “normal”.

Tonight was teacher conferences, and I decided at the last minute to make some appointments and go. I’m around the school a lot, but there are still a few teachers that I hadn’t really gotten to talk to. I only met with a handful, but it was nice to hear that the kids are on track. I know their report cards kind of tell you that, but I like to make sure we are all on the same page. Also, we’ve got some fun trips planned for the kids so I wanted to make sure they were poised to miss a few days of school. I’m happy to report that they are both doing really well and shouldn’t have any problem missing a few days and keeping up with their work.

They will be going with their dad down to Key Largo for about a week at the beginning of December, and then they will leave a little early for Christmas break to go with Richard and I to San Diego and then Kansas. I’m sure this holiday season will be one to remember!

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