Old friends


This past weekend, I got to visit with one of my oldest friends, Pam. It was a very purposeful visit. We had been saying we should see each other for a long time now, but life kept throwing up road blocks. It was easy enough to say “another time” and let the window of opportunity close. But right now, with what life is throwing at us, I felt a strong need to see her.

Life has been throwing some stuff at her, too, but  recently it’s been the good kind of stuff. She’s finally settling into the life I know she’s always wanted. Always deserved. She’s got a nice home, great husband, and an adorable baby. Life is good. And because I know that to be fundamentally true, I wanted to go and see her living that good life.  I wanted to see it because I know that not that long ago it wasn’t that way.

For years, Pam searched for the right person to be her partner in life. She didn’t find him quickly, and I know that it was hard for her to find the right man. When she finally did, and they wanted to start a family, they had trouble. They decided to adopt, but that is a long, arduous process. From the little I know of it, I wonder how they managed to put up with the endless questions and forms. Somehow they did, and they were rewarded with a beautiful baby who has been a part of their lives for almost two years now. Almost two years old, and I just got the pleasure of meeting her for the first time.

I’m sorry that I didn’t make the time to meet Emmalee sooner, and that I haven’t seen my friend in so long, but I am so thankful that we had time with them this weekend. What a joy this little one is to them and the world around her. How cathartic it was for me to just be able to spend a little time in this joyous home. Truly they have been blessed and those hardships they endured were to help them appreciate the wonderful family they have now.

There are struggles right now that I wish were weren’t facing. But we are. David has cancer. He and his family and friends are struggling to keep up with the reality that his body is throwing at us. We don’t know what the future holds. We only know that this is a fight that we must win. How we will get through it remains to be seen. But God will guide us through it. And we will have joy as we journey because He has helped us see the blessings in our daily lives.

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