Amazing Kids


Yesterday was a difficult day. We found out that a young friend (only 16) lost his battle with cancer. There are no adequate  words to give comfort to his grieving family. Nothing you can do to help ease them through this time. But we say the words anyway. We offered our love, prayers, and support. And still my heart is breaking. In the midst of all that sorrow, we had a meeting planned for a cancer fundraiser. There were thoughts of canceling, but in the end, pushing forward is all you can do. There isn’t a moment to lose in this fight, as we were reminded yesterday.

So with a heavy heart, I met with about 14 teenagers last night to show them how they can make a difference. Those young, fresh faces bolstered my spirits like probably nothing else could have. Having Austin and David surrounded by their friends working to find a cure was a balm to my soul. And I was overwhelmed by the parental support. There were probably about 10 parents who stayed to learn more and offer their help. The kids decided to do a membership challenge to bring in more students to help with their cause. They elected officers and talked about what jobs they wanted to do. They are eager to get started, and I’m eager to help them.

I’ll post more here and on Facebook as they work toward their fundraising goals, but I just wanted to put a little note in today.

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