Holiday Hustle


The holiday season is upon us with gift buying and giving and all the accompanying hustle and bustle. I’ve only seen the kids for a few minutes here and there since their return from their vacation, but it sounds like they had a good time. I think they were shocked at how cold the water was, though!

Richard and I will be picking the kids up after school on Friday to fly out to San Diego. That was home until 2005, so the kids have a lot of friends out there. I’m told there’s quite a group gathering to see us, so that should be a lot of fun. It will be a fairly short visit in CA before we hop on a plane again to go to Wichita for Christmas. Our neighbors there have been so wonderful to stay in touch and keep us feeling like we still have a home there! In addition to our great friends, Richard’s brother & his family will be visiting from Nashville. So all three brothers will be in town for the holidays. We are anxious to spend some time with all of them as it has been a challenging year for the family. (Richard’s oldest brother, Brad, has had his own share of health concerns and has been back and forth to the Mayo Clinic a number of times. He’s doing well now, but still has some recovery.)

There are so many things I want to get done this Christmas, but in actuality,  I’m doing less than normal. No cards sent out this year, even though that is one of my favorite things about the holidays. Little time for crafty stuff or driving around to see the Christmas lights, although I hope to make up for that in San Diego. I wish I could at least say that I’ve been spending lots of time with family, but I haven’t had the opportunity for that yet either. It makes me kind of sad, so I just wanted to remind everyone to cherish the time we do have with our loved ones. There are a number of reasons why you might not be able to be with those you love, but don’t let those reasons be your fault. Make time to be with them if you can. The holidays are all about love. God loved us and gave us the gift of his Son. He sort of shared His family with us so that we could be forever included. God wants us to show His love to others, especially during this Holy season. I hope we all find ways to do that.

2 thoughts on “Holiday Hustle

  1. God bless David and his family as you celebrate this Christmas together and as he undergoes new treatment. (I’m on FaceBook only.)


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