Welcome Back


Well, we arrived in California around midnight on Friday night, but our amazing friends were waiting and welcoming when we finally reached their house around 1 am. It was a late night, but well worth it to see how happy David and Austin were to be back in San Diego.

Saturday found us dividing to conquer the pre-party tasks. Richard took David and his friend Sean to run some errands, and I went with Terri, Maria, and Austin to go to (wait for it)…. COSTCO! We love Costco, and the girls had a great time getting smoothies from the Vitamix guy doing demos.  We also checked out Sprouts, one of the many organic shops locally. Terri already had everything ready for the group of folks she had invited to come and visit, so really all we were doing was getting a few last minute additions.

The first person to arrive for the party was our friend, and the kids’ former music teacher, Jeff Lee. He is a really great guy, and we were so excited to see him. (Terri had kept him as a surprise.) He played a lot of great songs throughout the evening, and we had fun listening and singing along. The kids were so excited to be reunited with their friends. Austin looked at me at one point and said, “I forgot that we knew this many people!!” The guest list was confirmed at 44, but all in all there was closer to 60 people that came through during the evening.

We were so touched and lifted up by the friends who were able to stop by. It was limited mostly to the kids that were in David’s class – because a house only holds so many people! San Diego has always been a special place for the kids and I, so it was really nice to be able to connect with all of those positive vibes right now.

Today we were able to visit with even older friends – from when Austin was a baby and David was just toddling about. They told lots of funny stories about the kids when they were little, and how spoiled “Autin” was. We hadn’t seen them in years, so it was a great time for all of us.

5 thoughts on “Welcome Back

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are enjoying your time in San Diego. It sounds like the little party was a great success. I know when Terri first contacted me about the party, my first thought that she needed a babysitter. 😉 I remember babysitting for a lot of your little parties. I think I would be shocked with how much they all have grown. I wish I was able to make it but I figured it would be just as well for the Kimberdoodles to be there. I have been asked many times for the recipe and I have kept a secret. No longer..Love you all.


  2. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time. How awesome! …But, get this: we are getting a Costco here in Wichita! Seriously! Now, they say there is a 5 year time frame so it will be a while… but we are getting one!
    Looking forward to your Kansas visit!


  3. I am so glad you two and David and Austin, all made it out to San Diego and the reception by the friends and extended family sounded warm and wonderful. I hope to get to see you all next time you come back. My New Year’s plan is to slow down and reach out to those who have enriched my life in the past years. This December I did not buy cards that would not get sent out. I want to send out a letter but that might not happen either. The world will not stop turning. But I do think about you and your family and Miss Kim and the fun times we had. Surf contests, golf tournaments, and decorating the halls of SCI are all precious memories…made more precious as the years go by. This website is such a good idea. Happy Happy New Year to all. Mona


    1. I would LOVE to see you the next time we are out there! We had plans to get around a lot more than we did. The weather was a big problem. I know what you mean about reaching out to those who have enriched our lives. We are doing more of that lately, and it is very rewarding. You are in my thoughts frequently and I would welcome the chance to see you anytime!


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