17th Birthday


I feel like I should start every post with an apology because I haven’t written every day. What I’m doing, though, is living, so if the posts aren’t coming every day, assume that is a good thing!

David just celebrated his 17th birthday on January 15th. I was so thankful that it was my “official” weekend with him and Austin, so we got to have a lot of quality time with them both. It started out with the Friday Night Crew – a group of kids who gather regularly with Jimmy on Friday nights. This particular night, there were a couple of guitars, so the kids had fun singing and listening to the guys jam. David got tired much earlier than the rest of the guys, so he came downstairs for bed around 9pm.

On Saturday morning, Mark picked up David and Austin for a few hours, and they spent some time celebrating with a few friends.  On Saturday afternoon, we just chilled. Saturday evening was a fairly low-key dinner with some of the kids’ adopted grandparents (Jimmy & Sarah’s grandparents) and a couple of friends. Sunday was a party with David’s friends. It was a fairly small gathering because we weren’t sure how quickly he would tire out. He was totally energized by his friends, though, so we ended up going to the movies. We saw The Green Hornet. They all loved it. It was a great ending to a really fun day.

On Monday, the kids were out of school, so we took them to Sweetwater for lunch. It is part of a local chain that we all really love. We ate way too much and had a great time. We learned that our favorite rolls are called “Ozzie” rolls, but we didn’t get a good explanation on why they are called that.

Tuesday was a snow day, so we got to hang out with the kids for a little while in the morning before they went back to Mark’s house. It was a very special weekend.

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