2nd Vaccine


Yesterday was David’s 2nd vaccination at the Children’s Hospital in Pittsburgh. It’s about a 5 hour drive to Pittsburgh, but it is a very pretty drive. David worked on his homework on the way, but we took a break on the way there and stopped at a quaint organic restaurant in West Virginia. I made a comment about David needing to expand his palate if he wants to be a chef, and the waitress overheard me. She went and got the chef, and he spent a little time talking to David about the restaurant business and how to make meringue.

We arrived in Pittsburgh to some pretty cold weather. Luckily, we park in a garage for the hospital, so you don’t really have to get out in the weather. David wore his new “deer” hat (a gift from Mayumi) and he was very popular at the hospital. The nurses all thought it was very cool, but this little girl on the elevator just kept looking at him like she had never seen anything so odd! It was pretty funny.

David was reading a book during his appointment that he kept sharing with all of us. It had pictures of poorly written signs, and it had all the nurses asking what he was reading. We were able to spread a few smiles around, which always makes everyone feel good.

Everything went really well with the medical stuff, and they seem pretty pleased with his progress so far. They thought that David should be getting out and about more, and told him to push himself a little bit. We finished at the hospital in time for a late lunch and then started the drive home. David worked on homework again on the drive back to Virginia, but we made another pit stop in West Virginia. This time it was a different locally owned restaurant, but we were just as pleased with the food. They know how to eat in West Virginia! Fresh, locally grown food with creative ingredients.

We are thankful for the little things we get to do with David. It’s difficult not being able to share the same amount of time with Austin, but school prevents us from being able to take her with us. (David’s treatments are always on a weekday which means missing a day of school.) We  try to make up for the time apart in other ways, but it never seems like enough. I guess as a parent, you are always trying to juggle that kind of stuff, but it seems more pronounced these days.

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