School days


I haven’t seen the kids in a few days. Over a week, actually. Everyone is encouraging me to be “normal” and so I left Virginia for a little while to go home. It’s hard not being there – even though there is little time that I can spend with them and not much I can do to make the situation better. Anyone who has ever been far from family can relate. In times of crisis, you want to be there. Cancer is just an extended period of crisis, in a way. David is doing well, but I still feel the strong need to be there in case he wants to talk. Or if Austin wants to talk. Or go for a drive. Or an ice cream. Anything really, just to feel close to them.

They are doing so well with all of this. Austin is making pretty much honor roll grades (haven’t seen the latest report card yet) and is trying out for the tennis team soon. She’s starting to show signs of the adult she could become, and I’m excited to see that maturity starting to come about.

David is also making very good grades, in spite of missing the first three weeks of school, and then another in December (that time for fun, though). He should also have all As and Bs, but he has had little time to pursue many extra curricular activities. He told me last night, though, that he is starting to get up a little earlier (i.e. not sleeping quite as long) and that he is going to try to make it to his first period class. He is already attending 3 out of 4 classes each day. So this would mean he would be on a fairly normal school schedule, and he wouldn’t have to do so much after school tutoring. A very good thing!

I appreciate all of you who have taken the time to let us know you are praying. We believe that God has a plan for all of us and that we were put in this situation for a reason. He has taught us many lessons, and continues to work with us each day. I am so encouraged by the faith you are sharing with us. Thank you all very much!

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