Vaccine #3


We met Mark and David at the hospital this morning. There’s not a lot that we really “do” at these appointments. They take David’s vitals, and we get his official weight. He has been holding pretty steady, but he actually gained a pound since his last vaccine. That is a good thing because he’s always been kind of thin, and having a little extra weight on you is a good thing when you’re being treated for cancer. (Notice I said a “little” – too much weight isn’t good for anybody!)

Anyway, they take his vitals and then take us to a patient room. A couple of different staff members stop by and do neuro checks (finger to nose, finger to finger, walk in a straight line). Then we see the doctor in charge of the study. Today she said that David’s MRI looked almost exactly the same. That is good news. At this point, there is still a lot of swelling, and they don’t expect it to look better. She has told us a few times that the brain is a terrible housekeeper, and that it will take a while for the “mess” from surgery and radiation to get cleaned up. She seemed happy with what she saw; so we are happy, too.

In the meanwhile, David is doing extremely well. He brought home straight As on his report card, and he is going to school nearly full time. His dad even let him drive to school one day recently.

We know there’s still a battle ahead, but so far, so good!

We returned to Virginia and were greeted by a stack of envelopes for SSBTRVA! Looks like supporters from a few different states. I’ll sort it out by early next week – busy weekend – but thank you all in advance!

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