Trip to Wichita


This past weekend we were able to take a quick trip to Wichita with David. Unfortunately, Austin had tennis tryouts and was unable to accompany us. It’s always more fun when we have the whole family together, but I guess as the kids get older that just won’t always be possible.

Anyway, we had a really fun weekend with friends. We had a cooking adventure with our “family”, Elizabeth, Mayumi, and Maddy. The girls acted as Sous Chefs while Elizabeth offered helpful tips to help Chef David get the very best results. This was the second attempt at apple fritters, and they were much easier to make with all the extra help! Lots of taste testing was needed – so much that we had to call in Richard, Everett, and Everett, Jr. to give them a try. Everyone thought that the fritters were delicious.

We got to have dinner with Kinsley and her boyfriend. We had lunch with Briston and one of his good friends. We also had some time to visit with the Wickhams and the Haralson families. We have such great neighbors in Kansas. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any others, but hopefully we’ll be back there soon.

We also took a crowd to see “Gnomeo and Juliet”. It was very cute, and very well received by the elementary crowd. The teenagers tried to play it cool, but I saw them laughing, too.

When we got back to Virginia, we got David a NEW PHONE! For those of you who are friends with him, you’ll know that his old phone didn’t get any signal at his dad’s house, so the new phone should make a big difference in how well he is able to communicate with his friends. Who knows, maybe he’ll even call his mom every now and then! :o)

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