Vaccine #4


Richard, David, and I headed over to Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh this morning for David’s 4th vaccine. This was a “routine” visit, and he didn’t see the doctor running the study. He was checked out by one of the other doctors we’ve met there, and then Nurse Kim gave him his injections. As usual, his neuro check was perfect. His hair is growing back in pretty quickly, so it’s hard to tell that there is anything wrong. He still sleeps at least 10 hours a night, but is doing everything else pretty normally.

We really enjoy the  time together. David has a lot of good ideas, and this time he was asking about how businesses are formed over lunch. We’ve talked about a lot of these steps with the kids at the SSBTR meetings, but David isn’t always able to attend those. He’s got a good head on his shoulders, so it is fun to talk to him about this kind of stuff.

We were also able to set up a WiFi network in the car this time, so he was able to work on his web assignments from Chemistry. He doesn’t usually like doing homework in the car, but doing it on the laptop seems to be better.

We’ve gotten a lot of sweet messages over the last few days. I’m always humbled by the number of people who are keeping track of David’s treatments and keeping him in prayer. We are thankful for each of you. We try to also keep other families in our prayers and provide support to others as much as we can. God has blessed us with many connections throughout this experience, and we only hope that we can spread those blessings around.

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