A Simple Song


Tonight I sat with a group of kids and a few parents who are part of the core of the non-profit we are forming. They were working on a song for a video, and toward the end of the evening, one of the girls, Catherine, sang the song. I don’t know how to describe it to you other than to say it was perfect. So sweet. So much from her heart that it brought tears to my eyes. She’s one of David’s best friends, and I simply couldn’t help but be moved.

I’d never had the chance to hear her sing before, although I knew she could sing. Hearing her sing lyrics about trying to save the lives of people with brain cancer was so touching. I hope to get a recording to share with all of you once the song lyrics are finished.

God gives each of us gifts. Not all of us know what they are right away, but if you are lucky enough to know what yours is, please use it. You never know who may be blessed by it.

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