Weekend Update


As I was typing the name “weekend update” I thought about that crazy news bit they do on Saturday Night Live. Our weekend hasn’t been quite that scripted, but plenty of fun so far. Austin had a tennis match after school on Friday, so she rode the bus up to Woodbridge where they would play. I picked David up at school and we stopped by his old middle school to say hi to some teachers. They were all so happy to see him doing well. They are a great group of people, and it was fun for us just to see their faces and say a quick “hi”.

David and Catherine went to watch Brian play lacrosse, and I went up to watch Austin’s tennis match. I think David had a good time just being a normal teenager with his friends, and it allowed Austin and I to have a little time alone. It’s hard for me to let them out of my sight on “my” weekends, but I know they need to be independent. On Saturday, we went shopping for a new dress for Austin. Both kids will be inducted into the National Honor Society this week, and we are so proud of them. The guys (Richard & David) weren’t too thrilled about the shopping, but they managed to entertain themselves in the bookstore for a while. Then we had dinner at “home” with Cat & Brian. Jimmy came in a little after that, and they all hung out playing games (video and otherwise) in the basement.

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