Vaccine #5


David had his 5th vaccine yesterday. He drove to Pittsburgh with Mark, and Richard and I met them at the hospital. The doctor seemed very pleased with how well David is tolerating the vaccine. He didn’t have an MRI this visit, but his neurological checks were excellent. He still has some short-term memory issues, and some minor fatigue, but overall we are so thankful for how good he is doing.

His doctor also felt that he was ok to resume “normal” activities. He can ride roller coasters and go skiing again. She was even ok with him playing soccer as long as he promised not to “head” the ball. David was most excited about the roller coasters, so I’m sure he’ll be asking to visit some amusement parks soon.

I was going through some of my research this morning, reading what other patients are dealing with, and I wanted to share with all of you that I am so confidant that God has already worked a miracle for David. Please don’t misunderstand. We are not done with this battle. Not by a long shot. But David has already been so blessed, and by extension, so have we. We don’t know how to cure this type of tumor, but every day gets us a little closer to learn how to fight it. Research is making huge strides, but for many people it comes too late. We pray that we can keep David healthy and happy long enough to find a way to beat this cancer for good.

I have shared with you that David is on an organic diet, and I encourage everyone to try to incorporate as much organic food as you can into your diet, and especially into the diet of your children. It seems to be especially important with dairy products and meats. There is a great book, “Foods That Fight Cancer” that I highly recommend:

It has a lot of pictures and is pretty easy to get through, even though there is a LOT of science if you are into that.

Thank you for your continued prayers. Please keep ’em coming! We know that is making a huge difference!

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