Prom #1


David went to his first prom last night. He went with his good friend, Catherine, to her prom. They had such a good time, and we were able to share in it a little bit thanks to some unpredictable weather. There was a chance of tornadoes/flooding so we drove them to the dance. They were surprisingly ok with having the adults chauffeur them around.  While they were at the dance, Richard and I were able to spend some time just hanging out with Austin. She took us to a new frozen yogurt place called “Crave”. She really likes the selection of yogurts and toppings there, and I appreciated that there was a good selection of fresh fruit to top the frozen yogurt with. After yogurt, the three of us went to see the movie “Arthur”. I never got around to watching the original version, but this one was quite cute. Not hilarious, but definitely entertaining, with some good messages for parents and kids. So, here are some of the messages I got from the movie:

1. Children need their “real” parents to love and care for them.

2. In the absence of parents who care, other adults can form the same kind of parental bonds and give the love a child needs.

3. Love isn’t a substitute for discipline, and in order to be a healthy, productive adult, children need both love and discipline.

4. Nurturing someone is one of the best ways of showing love.

5. You can have all the money in the world and still be miserable.

6. Having the right outlook will get you farther than having money.

7. What matters the most is having people you love who you can share your life with.

Not too shabby for a Russell Brand movie, right?

We dropped Austin off at her dad’s house this morning, and headed off to Pittsburgh for David’s next treatment. It’s hard having to cut our weekend short with Austin, but we are grateful for the extra time to spend with David. He will get an MRI tonight as part of his regular treatment schedule. We will get the results tomorrow, so I’ll make sure to post and let everyone know how he is doing. Thanks for your continued prayers!

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