Race for Hope


It seems there are days when I have nothing at all to write here, and then I will have a number of days that are so busy and packed with activity that I don’t have time to write. The latter has been true for the last several days. It’s been good stuff, so I’ll try to fill you in.

David and Austin spent spring break with their dad this year. Since we had a week where we knew our access to them would be very limited, we decided to take part of the trip that we had to postpone when David went into the hospital back in September. So Richard and I spent the week in Portugal, but planned it so that we would be back in time to volunteer at the nation’s largest event to raise money for brain tumor research.

So after traveling for about 26 hours straight, we arrived in DC in time to get about 5 hours of sleep before reporting for duty at the Race for Hope. Five adult friends from Fredericksburg got up EARLY and met at 5:30 am in order to drive a group of SSBTRVA students up to DC to volunteer with us. I believe we had about 17 teenagers that got up early on that Sunday (quite a sacrifice) and then spent the better part of the day volunteering at the race. There were 11,000 participants, many of whom had taken the time to form teams, get t-shirts made in honor of a loved one, and raise money in addition to their entry fee. In all, about $2.5 million was raised. There were brain tumor survivors that participated in the race and that were just there to show their support. I found myself moved to tears a few times, just by the shear number of people who want to help us find a cure. I think everyone that participated came away energized that each of us can – and did – make a difference.

It was also fun for us because Austin was one of the kids that got to come up and volunteer. As much as David wanted to volunteer, he had attended prom with a friend of his the night before, and just couldn’t quite find the energy for both. There will be plenty of fundraisers, though, so we were happy he enjoyed the prom. This was #2 of 3 for him this year. He’s our family rock star. ;o)

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