Prom #3


Ok, I’m pretty late with this update. If it makes you feel any better, I still haven’t downloaded the pictures from the camera, either. BUT, prom #3 did happen – even if I don’t have pictures here to prove it. I’ve kind of decided that for now, this is the “meat and potatoes” of my updates, but Facebook is the “dessert”. If you want the fluffy and sweet, you can find it on Facebook. This is the wordier version. ;o)

Prom #3 was a huge success. I may have mentioned that our Kansas neighbor, Mayumi, was the date that David chose. He really enjoys being with her, and they had a packed weekend! Mayumi and her mom, Elizabeth, flew in on Friday afternoon right after school. Richard flew out with them, and the kids and I drove down to pick them up at the airport. We made a quick stop to drop off their stuff, and then drove up to Mike’s American Grill for dinner. We’d been bragging about it for months, so it was cool to be able to take them there.

David planned an elaborate meal and helped make some of it. 😉  Actaully, he had planned to make all of it, but Richard and I wanted him to get some rest, so we sent him to take a nap while we did most of the prep work. He served salad, sweet potato soup, salmon with brown rice, and asparagus wrapped in bacon. For dessert, he served brownies with vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce. Elizabeth slipped into the kitchen and helped quite a bit, and the raspberry sauce was all her concoction. It was delicious! And of course, it was organic!

Saturday found us mostly running around on “prom” errands, but the kids had fun. Mayumi wore a very pretty gold dress and David wore a black tux with gold vest and tie. (In case you are “lame” like me, I should mention that it was a long tie – not a bow tie. Apparently, bow ties are not “in”.)

David didn’t have his car for the weekend, so he borrowed ours. The weather was a little questionable, so I felt better with them in our car anyway. I wasn’t at the dance, of course, but word on the street is that the boy isn’t a bad dancer. He brought Mayumi home, and they changed into casual clothes to go to After Prom. Richard and I drove them to After Prom since it was quite late and we weren’t sure how many crazy (drunk) people might be on the road.

Sunday morning had us saying goodbye way too soon to Mayumi and Elizabeth, but everyone will be together again this summer.

We’re almost ready to start our summer visitation schedule, so Richard and I packed up most of our Virginia stuff and drove with Cooper back to Kansas shortly after the prom weekend. We still have some Christmas decorations out, so I need to get things in order before the kids arrive for summer.

However, we weren’t in Kansas for long and now we are back in Pittsburgh for David’s next vaccine. He gets an MRI this time, so we are eager to see those results. Please keep praying! We know it makes a huge difference!

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