Make A Wish


We flew to LA on May 30th to acclimate for David’s meet & greet with Gordon Ramsay. They plan an extra “down” day fir the child to adjust to the time zone. Mark took the kids (David, Austin, and their step sister, Kelly) and Susan to Knott’s Berry Farm. David has been cleared for roller coasters, and so they had a full day of rides.

I spent most of my day alone, but caught up with a friend (via phone) that really needed to talk and then shopped for birthday presents for Austin. I went all over – from Santa Monica to Burbank – and saw lots of LA that I had never seen before. I ended up at this place called “It’s a Wrap” that sells clothes used on movie and tv sets. It was a pretty cool place, and I got Austin a bracelet from “The Ghost Whisperer” and a shirt from “CSI: NY”.

Make a Wish finally called in the afternoon and confirmed times for today – we meet at 2:00pm for the ride over. We will be there during a taping of Hell’s Kitchen.

Mark called after that and said I could go to dinner with them if I wanted to. It was very nice to be able to share in part of the birthday celebration for Austin.

Looking forward to David meeting Chef Ramsay today!

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