Make A Wish – Part 2


I think I left off with our team running into trouble. We were having a good time, but it did seem that other tables were further along in the dining process than we were. We had just started noticing the discrepancy when the show producer, Hayden, came up and told us he was going to give us a backstage tour.

We followed Hayden behind the scenes to see where the cameras “hide” during filming. It was pretty cool. We happened to be back there when Chef Ramsay called a couple of the contestants to task. He wants nothing but the best, and has no patience for people who aren’t performing at their top ability. At one point in the evening, I asked David if that’s really the kind of environment he wants to work in, and his eyes lit up. “Oh yeah!” he replied.

Hayden also took us back to see where the crew work on the show’s production. Austin really liked the use of black lights and glow tape! We didn’t have a lot of time to dwell on that stuff, though, before we were back out front and being served our meal. Because of the delay, they made some extra food for us. Everything was quite good, and we were happy to try out some extra dishes. I’d love to go into more detail, but we can’t really say anything about what happened on the show, so you’ll just have to watch and find out! (Our episode won’t air until next season, but watch now anyway… it’s great fun!)

At the end of the meal, they escorted both Make-A-Wish families up to a waiting room. After just a few minutes, Chef Ramsay appeared. He was very engaging with both kids and made sure they had a chance to ask all of their questions. He told them a few stories and gave some advice on the culinary world. In case you are wondering, he seemed to think that an internship was a great way to learn about cooking, and encouraged David to travel a lot and learn Spanish, Italian or French. David told him that he had taken Latin, and the producer Hayden pointed out that it was the basis for the other languages. Thanks for the save, Hayden!

We felt that Chef Ramsay was very generous with hosting us at the restaurant, and that he was especially nice to spend some quality time with the kids after the show. He is a very enthusiastic guy, and his zest for life gave the room a boost of energy.

Chef Ramsay signed a few books for David, so I’m sure he’ll be showing those off this summer. We are still waiting for permission from Make-A-Wish to post photos, but we will put those up on Facebook as soon as we are allowed.

The limo took us back to the hotel, and the kids immediately sent texts to friends to let them know what a cool time they had. That was the end of our California visit. We all flew out the next day, but we are so thankful for the experience that Make-A-Wish provided.

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