Vaccine #9


We’re on the road back to Virginia after another successful visit to the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh. David only had the vaccine this time – no MRI. He’s doing really well still, and we are off to a great start on our summer time with David and Austin.

Yesterday we had some fun checking out a few sights in Pittsburgh. We spent a few hours at the zoo and aquarium, and then went in search of the IMAX theater. We found it and got tickets to watch Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon. I am a little worried that this movie may be more of a history lesson than they have previously had about the space program. 😉

Seriously, it took some liberties with how the space program was developed, but it will be a popular movie with conspiracy theorists. As for David’s review? “They should have gotten rid of Megan Fox a long time ago.” I believe that was in reference to how beautiful the new girl is.

We are hoping to make it back to Fredericksburg in time for the SSBTRVA (Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research, Virginia) meeting tonight. They are hoping to have their first “big” event this fall, but there’s a lot of planning to do if that is going to happen.

We are gaining ground every day, and we really appreciate everyone who is helping us in the fight. If you are on Facebook, you can find the kids’ group and “like” them to help spread the word. The page is “Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research, Virginia”. (There are a few pages for the groups in Arizona. You can like them, too, if you want!)

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