August 2011


When you read stuff on how to blog, they tell you to do it every day. That’s good advice to build loyal readers and also to keep your info from getting stale. I guess I have a lot of stuff to share since I have barely written at all this summer, but I’m going to give myself a pass because I’ve been spending absolutely precious time with my kids.

They are both growing up so fast, and as an incoming high school junior and senior, I can literally count the days until they move on to the “adult” phase of life. This cancer thing has made us savor every moment, and oddly, I am grateful for the lessons we have learned.

We have learned that time with those you care about is what really matters. We weren’t able to get to Alabama and see extended family this summer, but one of my brothers came out with his wife, daughter, and a friend. We also had a few teenage visitors that gave us special memories this summer. We made new friends an of course, made new food!

David inspired us to go on an official food tour in Hawaii and some unofficial ones in Seattle and Boulder. Austin even got into the act making chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes! It was kind of a time consuming recipe, and I was proud of her for seeing it through.

We looked at some possible school choices for David, did some volunteer work for Students Supporting Brain Tumor Research, Virginia, and mostly just had a good time.

The kids go back to Virginia in two days, and David has another MRI before the end of August. I’ll report in then for sure.

We appreciate the prayers and support from everyone. I am ever mindful of our many blessings and the angels God has sent to us in the form of family and friends. Enjoy those last fee days of summer… And eat more broccoli!

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