MRI Tomorrow


David’s next MRI will take place in the morning followed by the normal visit with the doctor. We are anxious to see what tomorrow will tell us. We are prayerfully hopeful that we will see little evidence (or no evidence!) of the tumor. God has been providing us with miracle after miracle, and though it seems selfish to ask for more, we want so much for David to be completely healed.

David, for one, is extremely positive (as always) and has spent his summer planning for the future. He visited some schools (college and culinary), studied for the SAT because he wasn’t happy with his first scores, and did some cooking. Back in Virginia, he got a few days of work in at a local restaurant before heading back to school early for LINK Crew (a mentoring program for new students). He feels good. He looks good. We are so hopeful that this is the beginning of a miraculous new wave of treatments for cancer patients.

If you’re praying, please pray that this vaccine will rid David’s body of the cancer and that the doctors will be able to see what makes it effective so they can use it on other patients. I’ll post again tomorrow when we know more.

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