DC Update


The doctor’s visit in DC went as well as it probably could. We are really appreciative of their guidance and deep knowledge about brain tumors. They checked David over, and he had a perfect neurological exam. They said that his tumors are so small they wouldn’t expect any trouble out of them any time soon.

David was very involved in choosing his next course of treatment which should start sometime after Thanksgiving. We had a funny moment during the discussions. After listening to David for a minute, the younger doctor looked him straight in the eye and said, “You are weird.” if you’ve ever met David, you would know that this made him beam with pride. He now has official medical confirmation that he’s weird!

As for the treatment he chose, he will go to the hospital every two weeks for treatment. They don’t anticipate any major side effects and we are thankful for that. This treatment should keep the tumors from growing for a while, and give us some time to weigh some other options.

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