Thanksgiving Update


David and Austin flew out to Kansas to spend Thanksgiving with our family and friends there. We were blessed to have both of Richard’s brother’s families in town for the holiday. We hung out at home a lot (thanks in part to a lot of homework), but we did sneak out to the movies and bowling. The kids were both thrilled with their rooms being decorated for Christmas. It was really special thanks to some artistic help from our friend, Michelle.

The kids flew back to Virginia yesterday and Richard and I are following today. Mark is driving David to DC today for an MRI, and we will be with them tomorrow to get the results and start the new treatment tomorrow. He will be on Avastin, which isn’t a chemo drug, but can have some similar side effects. It is administered via IV, and will take about 90 minutes to drip in. In typical David fashion, David pointed out that he will have 90 minutes to read! He will get the treatment every two weeks, so he’ll be zipping through those books!

I’ll post again after tomorrow’s treatment. Please keep Dave in your prayers as he begins this new phase.

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