Avastin #2


Austin, David, me, Richard, and Kinsley

Yesterday was David’s 2nd round of Avastin. I wasn’t there for it, so I’ll give you the update I got from his dad. Basically, David was pretty relaxed and everything went smoothly. He tolerated the Avastin treatment very well, which is what they expect. It took them several hours at the hospital, but that is also to be expected.

While they were there, I texted with David a little bit. He seemed in good spirits – of course, I was sending him funny stuff. ;o) He said he was focusing on getting ahead of his school assignments so he could have fun over the break. I commended him on his work ethic, and we are looking forward to having him and Austin with us for New Years.

This was the first treatment of his that I’ve missed in quite some time. When he was going for radiation, we were taking turns driving him, but that was a daily thing, and so it didn’t seem like you were missing much. Missing this visit was hard, but I think it was good for me to spend some time getting things in order in Kansas. There will be a lot going on in 2012 that I want to be in Virginia to see. Not just doctor visits, but life moments… prom, graduation, Austin’s tennis matches. It’s never been easy being this far from them, but it seems to only get harder as we are reminded how precious life is.

I’ve been talking with a friend this week who is expecting her first child. She is worried about juggling her time with a new baby. I’m not sure I did a great job of that when the kids were smaller, but I’ve learned a lot in the last year or so. This Thanksgiving, I spent time hanging out with family and friends. Our tree is up, but the only decoration is lights. I decided that I’m ok with that. I have memories that I made during the time that I would have spent decorating the tree. And the thing that was really important to me – mailing Christmas cards – was done earlier than I’ve ever done it before. I was so pleased to be able to share some recent pics via that card. It’s not much of a present, but I know it always makes me so happy to get a Christmas card in the mail. I’m hoping it will make all of those people smile when they get it.

Enjoy your holidays. Treasure your family and friends. Soak it up. This is the good stuff.

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