Alabama Trip


Well, we made it to Alabama and got to visit with a remarkable number of family and friends! We were only there for a short time, but we covered a lot of ground!

The day we arrived, I took David and Austin to see their father’s parents. They visited with them for a little while and then we went to see my mom. From there we visited my grandmother (the kids’ great grandmother) and then ended the day with my dad. It was a little crazy, but Austin was only with us for the first day in Alabama.

On Thursday morning, we met up with Nicole’s youth group and Austin joined them in their trip to Xtreme in Gatlinburg. It is a Christian youth conference, and my cousin, Dusty, is their youth leader. As much as I hated not to have the time with Austin, I knew it was a great opportunity for her to have a “normal” teenage experience.

So while she was attending the conference, which included concerts by Toby Mac, Switchfoot, Jamie Grace, Red, and others, we spent the day catching up with friends and family. David got his hair cut by a friend that I’ve known since elementary school. We had a holiday lunch with my family, a snack at our beloved Taco Casa, and spent the evening catching up with cousins and old friends. An evening of laughing, good food and games that was organized by my sweet brother and his wife (and promoted on Facebook by my cousin).

We slept in a little today and then had another quick round of visits with the family before heading out of town. We’ll spend sometime in Gatlinburg before getting the kids back to Virginia for school.

So glad to have been able to hug so many folks! It’s very fortifying. Go hug your loved ones. It’ll make you both feel better!

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