Radiation Begun


They did start David’s radiation treatments on Friday. He will be getting radiation on his spine Monday-Saturday. Hopefully, this will halt the tumor that is growing there and result in no back pain. There may be some swelling during the treatments, so we are unclear if he will get relief from the pain right away or not, but the long term results should be good on that front.

David has opted to do his school work from home over the next couple of weeks. He has been pretty tired, and it is an hour each way to go for radiation, so it is probably a good thing for him to take a break from all day classes. I know he will miss seeing his friends every day, but he should be back at school after the radiation is over.

Once they finish with radiation, we will go back up to the NIH to see what path they recommend. There is a new vaccine that is becoming available up there that sounds VERY promising, but the doctor warned us that only about 20% of the patients will qualify for it. We are prayerfully asking that David be one of those patients. We would be grateful if you could direct your prayers toward David qualifying for this vaccine and that it is indeed as promising as it sounds.

My last bit of news for today is that the Spotless Mind kids have gotten the ok to have a concert at a small venue in downtown Fredericksburg. There are some local bands that have agreed to play, and we are excited for a cool fundraiser that the kids will be running. I don’t have exact details yet, but I will share them as I get them. You can also “like” their group on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SpotlessMindVA


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