Another long weekend


Well, this has weekend has felt much like the last.

On Friday, David had made plans to spend the night at the home of his friend, Brian. Brian received a text saying that David was tired and would not be going out. I think Brian was alarmed by this, but he didn’t try to push to see him that night.

Brian then stopped by to see him on Saturday and was told that David couldn’t be interrupted and would call him later. David never called and no one could get David on the phone.

On Sunday, more friends went by and were also sent away without being able to see David. His step father, Richard, and I have tried to contact David a few times, with no response.

Austin has also been uncommunicative, so we are all left wondering what is going on and why no one can reach them on the weekends.

David does have a couple of medical appointments this week, so we are hopeful that we will see him soon. Please pray that all is well with him and that his friends and family will be able to see him soon.

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