Apologies for the extra posts!


Wow, my phone apparently had a different idea than I did yesterday. I thought I was sharing a single post from another person’s blog, and instead, it reposted nearly everything I read. The good news is: I didn’t read anything embarrassing. The bad news is: some of you may have gotten a ton of notifications about posts that you weren’t interested in at all.

I’m really sorry. I’m still not exactly sure what happened, but I’ll be much more careful before hitting the “reblog” button in the future.

In the meanwhile, the blog I was trying to share didn’t get posted, so I’m copying the link here:


I haven’t read their entire blog, but it appears Alex also has brain cancer. In any case, his post based on this quote from Apoolo 13 really sums up the attitude that Richard and I have about how to fight brain cancer. We’re on a mission.

I haven’t heard from David yet this morning, but we are anxiously waiting to hear what course of treatment he has decided on. I will fill you in when we know something.

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