Chemo Starts Tomorrow


David made the decision to give chemo a try, so he will start that tomorrow. It will be a big day for him, but we already know that he tolerates the Avastin well, so we are just waiting to see how the Carboplatin is tolerated. He won’t start the Rapamune until a week after the others, so there should be time to adjust.

This weekend, Richard and I were able to attend a concert by some of the kids that go to school with David and Austin. It was nice to get out and support these young musicians. It was very touching to me that a number of David’s classmates came by to ask about him and inquire about when he will return to school. He is well liked and missed at school, and I hope that he will be able to join his classmates again soon.

For those of you praying, please pray that the chemo will effectively shrink the tumors and that David will tolerate it easily with few side effects. Also, please pray that his energy levels will continue to improve as he adjusts to his anti-seizure medications. I think it would do him a world of good to be able to be at school with his friends and to be able to socialize with them more.

One of the bands we saw this weekend


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