Happy Valentine’s Day


Hope this finds you all celebrating this day of love with those you hold dear. I didn’t have high expectations for today, but it turned out quite nicely.

Richard is back in Kansas today, so I was thinking it would be just another day. But the day started with a delivery of beautiful flowers from Richard.

Then on a whim, I called to see if David would like to go with me to his school to hand out some Valentine goodies. His dad told me had a little bit of a rough morning, but he was game for seeing his friends and teachers. I picked him up and got him a smoothie on the way to school. He didn’t drink very much of it, but every little bit counts.

At school, everyone was thrilled to see him. He was sporting one of the Hawaiian shirts that his Grandfather sent him. You can see it in all its glory in the picture. Needless to say, everyone could see him coming!

We passed out some candy and then I drove him back over to his dad’s to meet his home bound teacher. She started working with him today for the new semester, and she seems very nice.

After I dropped David off, I went back by the high school to see Austin. She had tennis practice after school, but I was able to see her for a few minutes and give her a valentine. She’s excited to go see Hunter Hayes in concert this weekend. It will be a big deal for her because not only is she going to the concert, she is also going to tour a college campus. It’s weird to think that they are both looking at colleges and heading out into the world.

She headed off to tennis and I went back to the Bowles’ house. I had a quick meeting with some of the kids that are helping with the talent show, then picked up Sarah, the youngest Bowles, for a valentine dinner and trip to Five Below. She and I were the only ones in the house without dates tonight, so we hung out together. She’s pretty fun and creative, so the conversation is always interesting.

So even though I didn’t have “plans”, it was a nice day.


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