Quality Time


Today, I went to take David a refill of a prescription, and when I got there, Mark asked me if I’d like to take him to lunch. Never one to pass up an opportunity to spend time with my kids, I took him up on that deal.

David and I left, and I offered any kind of food I could think of. Unfortunately, nothing sounded appealing to David except milk. So we went “home” (to the Bowles’ house), and he had a glass of organic whole milk. That’s one of the last things I would want if I was queasy, but usually the thing that sounds good is the best thing. That proved true for the milk, but not so much for the plain rice that he tried to eat later.

He felt pretty achy and queasy throughout the day, and decided to spend the night so he could just stay put. He was ensconced on the couch watching taped episodes of The Big Bang Theory. It made him laugh, even as crummy as he felt. He wanted a quesadilla for dinner, so i made the plainest one you can imagine – just cheese and tortilla – not even any oil in the pan. He took advantage of the oversized tub for a soak, and felt better after that. We made our way downstairs and he was in bed by 9pm.

He still wasn’t feeling well, but hopefully the sleep will do him some good and tomorrow will be a better day.

Please pray that the side effects of the chemo will wear off soon and that the chemo will destroy the cancer cells without doing damage to his healthy cells.

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