College Visit for Austin


Today I drive down to Christopher Newport University to pick Austin up from her time with her friend, Allison. They attended a Hunter Hayes concert and then Allison showed her around CNU. It’s a small campus, and very nice. Austin seemed to really like it, and I was glad she got to have the tour.

We had a nice ride back up, and stopped at the airport to get Richard. David had stayed home with his dad, and we stopped by and picked him up.
When we got to the Bowles’ house the Friday Night Crew were all clearing out of the basement so David could get some rest. He called them back down and they played games for a while and then settled down to watch a movie.

David seemed more like his normal self than I had seen him in a while. He ate a little bit of cereal and drank some milk while watching the movie, so I was happy for that.

We are really looking forward to just having some time to hang out with him and Austin this weekend. We may even get a little snow!


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