Busy, but not in a good way


The last couple of days have been busy, to say the least! Over the last few weeks, David has had a lot of problems with nausea, but very little vomiting, all things considered. He woke up yesterday throwing up, and had further problems during the day. We were worried that there may be some change in his condition, so they scheduled a CT scan.

The CT scan looks similar to the last MRI, meaning there hasn’t been a great deal of change. However, even a slight change at this point could mean fluid backing up, which would give David more headaches and severe nausea. It could be life-threatening if left unattended, so of course, we were keeping a close eye on things.

David wanted to get opinions from the doctors that he trusts – one in DC and one in Richmond. So this morning, I drive him to DC to meet with Dr. Hwang, and this afternoon, I drove him to Richmond to see Dr. Tye. Ultimately, they all recommend doing something to alleviate pressure, and Dr. Tye is the neurosurgeon that would handle that operation.

At this point, it looks like they will do a shunt, although it is possible they could do a different procedure. To protect my reputation, I will not attempt to spell the name of that procedure, but it basically is making a small hole so the fluid can escape to another area in the brain.

For the moment, they have admitted David to give him some of the fluids he lost from throwing up and to get him on a more powerful steroid to try to keep the swelling down. Ideally, he should be off of Avastin for a month before they put in a shunt. They could do it at three weeks, which is where we are today, but a few days longer would be better.

We are being very well cared for by friends. Jennifer and her dad, Wes, brought some overnight stuff down from the apartment. Critical stuff… Like David’s new Yogi Bear DVD, and less critical, like toothbrushes. And our friend Kathleen brought Chipotle so David didn’t have to eat hospital food. He’s already sworn off the milk because it is not organic! And little Cooper is spending the night with the Armer family. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful support.

We will let you know how tomorrow goes, but for now, David is comfortable and enjoying a game on his iPhone. (And no, that doesn’t mean he would use that device to reply to a text. He seems oblivious to the fact that it can do both!)

Oh, speaking of texting, we are not supposed to use our cell phones in this unit. We can text, but not call. I will also try to check Facebook periodically. Thanks for the prayers and positive thoughts! We love you guys!

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