Yesterday went exceedingly well for David. He felt good, and he had no nausea for the first time in quite a while. He had a number of visitors. During the day, his stepmother and her mother and stepmother came by. In the evening, he was brought his favorite orange chicken by Catherine and her mom, Rebecca. He enjoyed spending time with all of them.

Since he was feeling well, I was able to convince him to use his time to get some homework done, but he did manage to watch an episode of burn Notice and play countless rounds on his video game.

I’m making this quick entry at 5:45 am, NOT because I am a morning person but because we were just woken up again by hospital staff. Every two hours they wake David, and thus me, to make sure he is doing ok. And by wake, I mean they literally shine a flashlight into each of his eyes. This isn’t to be mean. They are watching for pupil dilation because any change would be something to put them in alert. We are clear – again – and there are still murmurs that we should go home today. Yea!

I will keep you posted, but please be patient. I may have time to post a quick message to Facebook before I post here. If you want to be added as a friend in Facebook, please let me know. (if I don’t personally know you, you may need to let me know that you are friending me because of the blog).

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