Good weekend


David did, indeed, get to go home on Friday, but it was far from the “before noon” time we had been promised. We had hoped to make it to Austin’s tennis match, but that wasn’t to be. David was so exhausted from the stay that he fell asleep almost as soon as we got home. It really is exhausting for him to be there, and I’m so thankful that he got a quiet weekend at home.

Austin played her first varsity match, a doubles match, with he friend Maddie, and they won! It was a tough fight and at one point they were down by 3 games, but they came back and won 11-9!

David was feeling much better on Saturday, so we went to the movies with some of his friends. (They graciously allowed me to tag along.) we watched the Hunger Games. I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as dark as it was, but it did have some themes that would make teens think. A far better use of their time than Twilight, I’d have to say.

After the movie, Cat came back to the apartment, and Brian met us here. They all played video games and watched another movie. David really enjoys having them around, and I disappeared to my room so they could have some privacy. It was a good chance to watch Larry Crowne, the Tom Hanks movie. It was cute, but it made me miss Richard.

Sunday, we slept in, and then David did some homework. Then we went shopping and got stuff to make dinner. We tried a new pot roast recipe, but neither of us were that impressed.

Then it was off to church. Yes, you read that right. Church! We haven’t been in quite some time, and it was nice to be around some of the many people who are praying for David. We saw the Bowles’ family there, and went with them to Carl’s (a local legendary ice cream shop) for ice cream. Then it was home to chill and go to bed early(ish).

Tomorrow will be schoolwork and a trip to the vet for Cooper. He has a little spot on his chin we want to have checked out.

Thursday is looming over our heads a bit, but it’s not too bad. I hate the thought of him going back in the hospital for anything, but at least this should make him feel better on a more long term basis.

Have a good week everyone!


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