Hospital Stay


Yesterday was a rough day. David woke up and started throwing up. That’s not uncommon, but after a couple of times, it usually stops. Yesterday, it didn’t. He was increasingly uncomfortable so we decided to take him to the doctor. We only made it about a mile before we could see that he was too uncomfortable to drive somewhere. So we stopped at the closest hospital to try to get him some relief.

They put him on an IV with fluids and Zofran. He normally takes Zofran, but the oral version wasn’t helping. The IV did the trick almost instantly. He was having some leg pain, which they also treated via the IV.

While we were there, a number of critical patients came in. David was by far less critical, so we sat in a treatment room alone for much of the time. He slept and played games on his phone. They determined that he should probably be observed by a neuro oncologist since his shunt appeared to be working properly. They transferred him up to Children’s National in DC for further observation.

We have been to Children’s a number of times, but this was the first time as an inpatient. Let me just say that it was amazing. The rooms are quite large and have a full private bathroom. There is ample space for families to visit, and even a small table and chair set to eat or play games. The staff was very accommodating and David was quickly settled in for the night.

I have to mention, too, that the transport company, Lifecare Medical Transport, that brought him up was first class.The EMTs were friendly and made sure that David knew exactly what was going on.

He rested well once we made it to DC. It is notoriously hard to rest in hospitals, but I’d have to say this was the most peaceful hospital night he’s had.

He slept a good portion of the day, and spent the afternoon with Cat and Brian who came up for a visit. Kudos to Brian’s dad who drive them up. He was happy and tired when they left. Richard delivered an after dinner snack from Panda Express, and he was down for the count.

Praying that tomorrow goes well. I have a feeling that it will. God has sent us many prayer warriors, and tonight I’m feeling their power.

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