David was released from Children’s National on Saturday. To celebrate, we took him to America Eats, a “limited edition” restaurant by Jose Andres. Chef Andres thinks a lot of David and proved it once again by pulling out all the stops to give David a wonderful experience.

David’s Aunt Donna, Uncle Danny, and cousin, Nicole, were able to join Richard, David, and I for what we thought would be a quick lunch on the way back to Fredericksburg. We arrived a bit after 1:00 pm, and I think it was well after 4:00 pm when we left! We had hush puppies, doughnuts, boneless wings, fried chicken and shrimp étouffée, all before they brought out our entrees. (All we ordered was salad and entree.) David had grilled oysters as his “salad”, and then we got our entrees. Everyone was quite pleased with their entree order. We were beyond stuffed, but then they brought us dessert! They brought out one of each dessert, so we could all sample everything. Then we had truffles and chocolate bacon after dessert. It was a ridiculous amount of food, but we ate as much as we could!

When we got back to Fredericksburg, both sets of my parents were there waiting for us. We quickly unloaded and then the homecare nurse and social worker came over. They are a homecare/hospice company. Not exactly the way we would like to have come home, but it’s better to have them and be home than have to stay in the hospital.

They were exceedingly nice and professional. We finished with them and then said goodbye to Danny’s family. They had to start their drive back to Alabama. David was already in bed before they left.

Sunday, David had a bout of vomiting and then proceeded to sleep most of the day. He got up in the late afternoon and watched some tv with his grandparents. David’s dad and Austin stopped by to drop off some things, and were here when David’s principal came by to see him.

Everyone left after a little while except Austin. She stayed and watched tv with David for an hour or so. She has school and a tennis match today, so she didn’t stay too long.

At the same time they were watching tv, a group of friends gathered to pray for him at Jimmy’s church. David likes attending there when he can, but yesterday he was too tired. It was so nice to know he was being lifted up in prayer by people who love him so much.

That reminds me that he was also buoyed earlier in the week by two different sports teams. All the way out in San Diego, four friends of David’s wore his initials on their lacrosse helmets during their game and here in Virginia, the girls softball team put his initials on their wristbands. Just another way of saying, “I love you, and I’ve got your back.”

Today started with another bout of vomiting. He is resting now, so I am hopeful that it was just a morning issue and won’t plague him the rest of the day. Even while sick this morning, he continues to show us that he is so kind. Richard put his hand on David’s shoulder and told him that he wished he could take this from him. David covered Richard’s hand with his own and said, “I wouldn’t let you.”

David has always been a joy, but in his most difficult times he has proven that he is far more compassionate, more thoughtful, more caring than most of the rest of us put together. The fact that he is suffering like this just proves that life is the ultimate in unfair, and that doing good works aren’t enough. David has an unwavering faith in God, and I feel I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that here. He knows God can heal him. He also knows that might not happen. Either way, he will fight until he can’t fight anymore.

The picture below is of David eating an oyster at America Eats.


The boys with their lacrosse helmets.


David with his aunt, uncle, and cousin just before going in to America Eats.


3 thoughts on “Home

  1. Amanda, each new post just leaves me in tears, and yet the last paragraph here reminded me of something a dear friend once wrote. He lost his infant daughter one minute after she was born, and as he wrote her story, he concluded with “If after reading this you have only tears, then you have missed the real meaning of her story.” I can see the same applies to David. Prayers are coming your way!


  2. Im glad David got to go home where he is more comfortable! I know he enjoyed seeing his family that came to see him! He is very well loved by many!!! He is a great kid and I think it has washed of on many! We need more kids like him!!! I will keep lifting him up to God in prayer!!!
    Love y’all!!!
    Kelly 🙂


  3. David, lifting you up in prayer today to feel good and have joy in your day!
    Isn’t it great to know you have the Grace of God in your heart!!!! I love you so much, never forget that! Bo said to tell you hello!! He loves you too.
    Love, Debbie


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