Graduation & Prom


David’s vomiting ended just after my last post and he spent the next day sleeping. That evening, he had his graduation ceremony at a local restaurant, Amy’s Cafe. Both of my parents and their spouses were still in town, and a large group of family and friends from the area joined us to celebrate this milestone with David. He chose to use a wheelchair for the evening because standing saps his energy pretty quickly.

He went home with his dad after the festivities, and has been there since then. Richard and I have gone by to visit him several times, and on Saturday we were able to help him get ready for prom. They had a nice meal at Mark’s house before being given a ride to prom in Jamie’s Grand National. David has always thought that was a cool car, so he was happy to show it off to his date. They only stayed at prom for about an hour before heading back to Mark’s to watch a movie.

David has been feeling mostly ok this week, but he did have a bout of vomiting today. I always wonder what to share here, and I hope that isn’t too much. It’s just that a lot of things with this disease sort of sneak up on you, but vomiting is pretty clear cut. The “sneakier” things are fatigue, memory issues, and muscle control… They seem to get a little worse each day.

People tell me constantly that they always see David smiling. That’s because he is almost always smiling. It was very hard for me to see that this week, in spite of the cool things going on, his smile seemed a little dimmer. There are subtle changes in his face that are starting to change his appearance. Fatigue, muscle control, and even steroids are taking a toll on that beautiful smile. It’s so hard to watch. But inside, he is still my beautiful, sweet boy.

David is set to start the new chemo tomorrow. We are praying that it will be effective against this horrible disease. In the meanwhile, we prepare for the Race for Hope in DC on Sunday. It seems a little crazy to be doing that when so much is going on with David, but we know that every day we have to push a little closer to a cure. Cancer doesn’t sleep. It’s insidiously growing all the time. So we have to fight it all the time.

Our family just after David received his diploma.


David with his prom date.


Helping his date out of the car.


One thought on “Graduation & Prom

  1. I am so glad David got to attend his graduation and prom! I really feel for him! He does always have a smile when I see pictures, but I know inside he must be hurting! I hope and pray that the next round of chemo will have a miracle effect on David’s cancer!!!
    We will always keep him in our prayers!
    Love Kelly


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