Today was a beautiful spring day. It’s been unseasonably cold here in Virginia, so today was a nice change. Richard and I were running some errands and happened to be outside as the sun was slipping below the horizon. It was a beautiful sunset, and made me think how cool this world can be. But before the thought could fully form, I was struck with sadness because I knew David couldn’t see it. In fact, he was being transported to the hospital so they could put in a central line IV or “port”.

He was throwing up most of the day today at his dad’s house, and the nurse couldn’t get an IV in. She recommended a port, so they went to have that done. It is a fairly standard procedure for cancer patients. It keeps them from having to be poked continuously.

He got the port put in and the IV fluids and meds made him feel much better. He went back to his dad’s house to hopefully get some rest. we are thankful that he didn’t have to stay in the hospital, and very thankful for the team that came in to place the port. They don’t normally do that at night, but they made an exception for David. He is an exceptional guy. šŸ˜‰

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