Each Day A Blessing


It’s hard to know what to write. There isn’t a lot going on with David, and yet there is so much going on that we can’t see.

David spends a lot of his time sleeping now. He isn’t throwing up much, but I don’t think we will be starting chemo. He has thrown up once or twice each day, and that is enough to keep the doctors from starting it. So there isn’t much we can do beyond trying to keep him comfortable.

He is calm and quiet most of the time, but he did talk to Cat and Brian a little bit today. He will still give us hugs and talks a little bit. He still complains that I take too many pictures, but that’s what moms do.

He is still at his dad’s house so Richard and I are visiting him regularly but it’s not the same as having him home with us. It’s really hard, but I want him to be in the environment he is most comfortable with, and our apartment is still too new to feel like home.

Austin seems to be more comfortable being around David when he is sick now. This is such a hard situation for an adult, and I know it must be ridiculously hard for her. She came down with Kelly, their step-sister, and wrote happy messages on his closet doors today.

She finished off the regular tennis season with a doubles win. They start playoffs tomorrow. She’s such a trooper to keep everything going at school through all this. I’m very proud of how well she’s doing.

David is a strong and faith-filled young man, but this would test the strongest person. Please continue to pray for him during this journey.

One thought on “Each Day A Blessing

  1. Amanda……I am just so very sorry. Every anticipated moment of time with David must be so complicated. You want to be in his presence, and yet you must ache to see the deterioration from moment to moment. Please know that I continue to pray for all of you. Please tell Richard hello. I hope he knows that he is being prayed for as well. Press on……


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