No Easy Days


Today was a difficult day, in a line of difficult days. Cancer tends to make life much harder than it should be.

To go into details would be hurtful to those I love, so let me just relate the lessons learned – or that should be learned:

1. People speak far more with their actions than they do their words.

2. One (or even a few) hurtful interactions should not erase thousands of truly loving ones.

3. You need all the love you can get in this world, but not if it comes with conditions. If someone really loves you, there are no strings.

4. If you really love someone, you will get joy from being with them in the good times. And if you abandon them in the rough times, it wasn’t really love.

5. You can feel more love from a person you have never met (that would be you, Jeanne & Alex) than from people who have known you half your life.

Be kind. And if you can’t be kind, be quiet. If you have to vent, do it to a person who can keep their mouth shut.

My heart hurts today for a number of reasons. Some can’t be fixed by any human, but some could. It’s just that those people chose to make the situation worse and not better.

6 thoughts on “No Easy Days

  1. I’m sorry for this very hurtful day and ALL the reasons behind it. People never fail to amaze me – some with their selfish and hateful natures and others with their unconditional love of people they truly care about. I guess it’s a balance of the good and evil that lives within us all. We each make our choices between the two. Just know this…you are a wonderful person – warm and caring – with an unconditional love for your children. You are doing everything you can. No one could do more.


  2. I don’t know who or what your talking about Mandy but, I’m sorry for stuff like this to happen to you at a time like this!!! You should only have to concentrate on the important things right now! People should not be making you feel stressed right now!!!
    I’m sorry….I wish I could help!!!
    Love y’all


  3. Amanda, I hope you can find more love in what has come to you from unexpected places than pain in disappointment from others. One of the amazing things about a journey like yours is what we learn about people and how they demonstrate their caring. Sometimes it fills our heart with warmth we never expected. If you can, please look to all of the care and love that has come your way, especially what came from unexpected sources, as one of the gifts David brought to you.

    You are in my thoughts and prayers.


  4. I’m truly sorry that you had a difficult day. I’m not gonna try to give you a cheesy quote or anything like that to attempt to cheer you up, I think you are entitled to your bad days, but I do hope that they are few and far between 🙂


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